5 Reasons to Film in Hungary 2012

5. Qualified foreign productions can still get a 20-25% Tax Rebate on films that are shot in Hungary.

4. Location. Hungary is not only easy to get to but boasts some of the most diverse interiors and exteriors in Europe. Steven Spielberg shot his film Munich in Budapest whose streets doubled for Paris, London, Munich and Rome.

3. State of the art Production Facilities. Two of the newest and most state of the art movie studios in the region were opened in the last 5 years: Korda Studios and Raleigh Studios.

2. TALENT. Hungary is home to some of the most talented cineastes and technicians in the world. There is a rich film tradition dating back to the early days of cinema.

1. The Hungarian Forint is at an all time low against the Euro which means that you get even more bang for your buck! (1 Euro = 310 HUF)