Creative is indelibly linked to strategy.  Without a good plan of action the greatest film in the world will be lost in cyber space.  

Maybe you can answer all your strategic questions but if not we help you through that process, which means that when we arrive at that fantastic idea, it will be the right idea for your business.

First Contact: The Brief

After we’ve talked we will help define the project you’ve requested.  A basic conversation about your needs and goals will serve as a guideline for us that we can refer back to as we work through the creative process.

To Workshop We Go:  Brainstorming

Some of our clients have a clear idea of what they want. Some are very happy to leave it up to us.  But for some clients it’s useful to get more in depth.

For those clients we organise a workshop where all the stakeholders can be involved in building the creative and strategic approach.

This is a great tool for making sure that all voices are heard and considered in context at the very start and getting everyone invested in the project from the beginning.

Creative Jam:  Digital Media Solution

This is where we bring all the elements together and build your creative solution and a strategy to go with it.  We’ll identify your audience, give you all the creative work you need to go on with and a strategy based on getting it to the right people.

At this point we can go ahead and produce the work or hook you up with our strategic partners to get the work done.