For your presentations, website or event movie we’re pretty much done.  Congratulations!  If you’re rolling out a viral film or an online commercial there’s one more important step.  Distribution.

Distribution: It’s Out There!

We’ve made the masterpiece and now we need to make sure that the right people get to see your film.  This is where our earlier strategic planning comes into play.  By this time we’ll know exactly who we want to watch it and how to reach them.

Video seeding is a targeted, effective way of making sure that your film gets in front of the eyes of the people you want to see it most.  It’s extremely cost effective because you pay per click and unlike a website click, when someone clicks on a film they are much more likely to watch it.

It’s also measurable, which means you can verify the effectiveness of your campaign.  Now you can relax and watch the hits roll ever upward.  Give us a call to get started on your campaign today!