By the end of strategy and creative you know what you want and why you want it.  

It may be a cool image film, a QUIRKY Facebook campaign, a proof of concept video demonstration,  or your excellent exhibition film.  This is where we make it happen.

Pre-Production:  Planning the Shoot

Filming. A shoot is like a military operation, all the work is done before you shoot a single frame.   We choose actors, locations, costumes; all of which you’ll get an opportunity to vet.  Communication is central to making this process work correctly and we’ve produced successful films for clients all over the world.

Production: Shoot Happens

All the decisions have been made, it’s planned down to the minute with time to spare for last minute changes or surprises.

Editing: Look Twice

Putting together the finished film is an artform in itself.  It’s actually much more time intensive than shooting and a great editor can fix a lot of problems.  At JAM we like our clients to have at least two opportunities to view and comment on the film before it is finalized though with our pre-production process there will be no surprises!

Distribution: It’s Out There!

We’ve made the masterpiece and now we need to make sure that the right people get to see your film.  This is where our earlier strategic planning comes into play.  By this time we’ll know exactly who we want to watch it and how to reach them.

And to boot, video views are measurable, which means you can verify the effectiveness of your campaign.